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Fairy and Witch dolls, Witch Balls, Spell Jars and more!

Handmade crafts, Akashic Records Readings, and Healing services

Check out our adorable dolls and other crafts!

Our favorites

Dolls, Smudging sticks, and Witch Balls 

Faerie dolls are handcrafted with love using embroidery floss, wooden beads and artificial petals. They are all reiki-infused and some also hold crystals. Information on Spell jars and Witch balls is below. 

Image by Harry Cunningham

Nature and Fae
Spell Jars

Spell jars are handcrafted with herbs, dried flowers, crystals and essential oils. Each jar is labeled with the intention and sealed with a blessing and wax seal. There are Protection, Banish Negativity, Anti-Anxiety, Self-Love, Grounding, Psychic Ability, Manifesting and more to come! Feel free to reach out if you would like a custom jar!

Different sizes available. Prices vary. (They start at $11 for small jar and go up depending on size)

Akashic Records Reading

Have you ever wondered why you feel so connected to someone you just met? Or why you have a fear of something you never had happen to you? Have you wondered about past lives or if you are on the right path in this lifetime? Book a reading today to learn all about these things. Plan questions you would like to ask during the reading. 


Debbie is a talented spiritual guide, energy worker, and all-around amazing person. Debbie explained the whole process, her and the guides provided us with the answers we were seeking, plus some! In our current time of uncertainty and fear, it was reassuring to get some insight to both the future and the past.

Krystal, Massachusetts

Debbie has read my aura and done my Akashic Records and both experiences were incredible. She is a very empathetic person and her talent is unmatched. She makes you feel so comfortable and welcomed no matter what your experience level with aura readings/ or the records is. I am so lucky to have met her and would recommend her in a heartbeat to anyone!

Darien, Connecticut

That was the best experience of my life! I truly resonated with ALL of it! (Akashic Records reading)



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