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About me:

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Meet Deborah:

        Deborah comes from generations of psychics and healers and has always been fascinated with magical creatures and nature. Throughout her life she has read many books on crystals and their properties, the magic of herbs, astrology, history of witches and religious texts. 

         A mother of 3 children, and many, many fur babies, she has always dreamed of opening up her own metaphysical shop with items she handcrafts, as well as items related to nature like crystals, herbs and smudge sticks. She began crafting her faerie dolls and doors in 2006, and after raising her children she was finally able to start her business in the summer of 2020.

       Deborah is a Reiki Master and is also a certified Advanced Akashic Records practitioner. She also has her Level V certification of, and is a Priestess of the Melchizadek Healing Method taught by Alton Kamadon.

       After teaching for 23 years in local public high schools, she continues to use those skills to teach classes about Spiritual protection, intention pouches and smudging. She currently resides in New Bedford with her family and is available for Akashic record readings and instruction of different topics related to Nature and Magic. 




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